The type and quality of the bedding you sleep on are important if not essential for a restful sleep and a healthy living. If you think about how much time your body spends in contact with the fabrics and materials in your mattress, pillow, and sheets, you will definitely be more aware next time you will buy new items. Eco-friendly bedding is the new trend that arouses people’s interest because it’s natural, comfortable, and good for the health. From the mattress to the pillow, here are the best natural and environmentally friendly bedding options you have for a safe and restful sleep.
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Naturepedic EOS mattress

It’s very important that you choose a mattress made of the best materials that haven’t been treated with chemicals and fire retardants that would create toxic emissions. Also, it’s best to look for natural materials like natural latex, cotton, or wool that provide a healthy sleeping environment and protect you from dust mites. The Naturepedic EOS meets all these requirements and more due to the high-quality organic cotton used for the filling and the cover. The inside is made of organic latex or a type of microcoil combined with a breathable coil support that acts like a mites barrier and ensures the best sleep.
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Coop Home Goods Improved Design bamboo pillow

The pillow you sleep on is very important because it gets into contact with your skin and your airways and it has to keep all the harmful allergens away. A bamboo pillow is a must have if you want to make sure you will achieve a restful sleep and this one from Coop Home Goods can be adapted to the needs of every sleeper. The interior memory foam shredding allows you to add or remove volume so you will feel comfortable in every sleeping position. The bamboo cover is 100% hypoallergenic and provides a smooth and soft surface that will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
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Cariloha Crazy Soft bamboo sheets

To complete the cozy and soft sleeping environment, opt for a set of sheets made of bamboo fibers that don’t irritate your airways and don’t contain any toxic substances. The Cariloha Crazy Soft sheets are made of 100% viscose from high-quality bamboo and are twice as soft as cotton while staying eco-friendly. The material repels allergens, odors, and sweat and provides a soft surface that regulates your body temperature during every season.