Because the technology evolves fast, we now have the possibility to purchase zero emission power tools, which are eco friendly and very versatile. The old polluting tools that use gasoline and oil to run are a thing of the past because a new generation of tools for lawn care and garden maintenance are available and they meet all the needs of the owners. Replacing the old garden tools with the environmental products will bring you many benefits, such as saving money and time, making less noise and reducing pollution. Therefore, in this article will present you the best eco friendly garden power tools available today.

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Lawn Mower

Electricity is our newest source of power so you can easily get your job done with an electric mower. Although you have to gently push the tool, it’s easily maneuverable and very efficient. Furthermore, it’s very inexpensive, eco friendly and very quiet. Moreover, when coming to electric lawn mowers, you can choose from various models that are cordless or self-propelled. Battery-powered lawn mowers are capable of performing the same task as the gas-powered motors, but without having to buy fuel and polluting the environment.

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Snow Blower

There are many outdoor electric snow tools that will suit your specific needs. They’ve become very popular lately because they are highly affordable, eco frindly and require lower maintenance. Electric snow blowers don’t rely on gasoline for power and they utilize a cord, which you can plug into a regular wall outlet. These compact electric tools throw snow 20 to 30 feet away and they are easy to store and light weighted. Moreover, there are cordless models that are considered to be even more powerful and they run for 45 to 60 minutes on a single charge, depending on snow conditions.

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Hedge Trimmer

The hedge trimmers are the best when coming to trim your hedges and enhance the appearance of your garden. You can easily choose a corded hedge trimmer that is very economical, small and easy to maneuver. Also, all the electric models are very quiet, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors and they come with all sorts of interesting features. They are ideal for trimming small, rounded hedges even in the tightest spots and they do their job very fast. Of course, there is also the possibility to buy a cordless trimmer which comes with rechargeable batteries and because they don’t have an engine they are lighter and more comfortable due to the reduced vibrations.