When you buy your appliances, the energy saving matter should be a top benchmark that will help you make a decision. Not only will these appliances help you save money in the long run but will also protect the environment and will provide a safe operating for many years to come. If finding eco friendly appliances seems hard, perhaps this buying guide will help you choose the best models.
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Pick your refrigerator wisely

The refrigerator is the top consuming appliance that adds the most to your electricity bill because it runs around the clock. This is why it’s important to choose the unit that is right for you, without spending extra money on large units packed with features you don’t need and that add to the energy consumption. Look for the Energy Start label, something that all your appliances should have and that proves the unit respects the standards and demands. If you need extra refrigerating space, don’t add another unit to your house but replace the old one for a new larger model as two separate units use more electricity.
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Choose electric dryers over gas dryers

Although electric appliances are not the most eco friendly, they certainly are better than gas units that create carbon monoxide as they burn fuel. Gas dryers are not a good choice if you want to equip your house with more environmentally friendly appliances so you should replace them with the electric versions. Although dryers tend to use a lot of energy during a drying cycle, an electric one is far more eco friendly because it doesn’t add harmful emissions to the air.

Look for washers with energy and water saving features

The washing machine and the dishwasher are very consuming when it comes to energy and water so you have to keep your eyes on units with short and economic cycles. To help you prevent waste, these appliances have to come with short cycles that use less water, cycles that use cold water, or half-load cycles that adjust the water and energy consumption according to the amount of laundry or dishes you load. This will guarantee that you will not waste electricity and water during unnecessary cycles.
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The auto shut off feature is a must

Nowadays, many appliances come with an auto shut off feature, especially the small ones, because these are the ones you tend to leave plugged in when you leave home. The coffeemaker is one of those units that you forget to turn off because you are sleepy in the morning which is why manufacturers have included this feature. You can also find it in flat irons, room heaters, dehumidifiers, and more, so you can extend your array of eco friendly appliances.