It’s very important to increase your home security especially if you live in an area that can become a target for burglars. It’s also very important to look after the environment and try to damage it as less as possible. If you manage to combine these two aspects and find an eco-friendly home security solution, you will enjoy many benefits. The latest and most ingenious security methods will help you protect both your home and the environment.

Smart door locks

These devices that keep your doors locked so intruders can’t burst in are environmentally friendly ways to make your house a safer place. They require no wiring as they work on an internet connection that allows them to communicate with a smart device. Altro is a smart door lock made of aluminum and steel that are 80% recyclable and uses the most advanced battery technology that eliminates the need for alkaline batteries that you will throw away once useless.

Motion sensor outdoor lighting

Keeping your yard well lit will keep intruders away but too many lights turned on could damage the environment due to all the electricity they require and the heat they create. Luckily, you can choose a more environmentally friendly method such as motion sensor lights that feed on solar power. Nature Power offers a motion sensing outdoor lamp that captures energy from the sun during the day and uses it as juice for the lights at night. Plus, the lamp saves energy as it only turns on when it detects movements.

Solar powered security camera

Nothing is more effective in keeping your home safe than a security camera that can monitor everything that happens around your house even when you are not at home. The Wanscam HW0029 is an outdoor security camera that runs on solar panels so it doesn’t damage the environment in any way. It’s a good camera that can record at a high resolution for clear images and it easily connects to a Wi-Fi network so you can watch the footage. It comes with infrared night vision for surveillance around the clock.

Home automation

You can easily monitor and control the security measures at home if you connect them to a home automation controller like Nest or Belkin that enables you to remotely access the appliances and systems at home. In order to save electricity, you can turn the lights off at day and turn them back on at night so the house will not look empty while you are away, you can keep your doors and windows closed, and you can handle your security system from a distance.