Cooling your home in the summer is not a very complicated thing, as long as you follow some simple steps and use the right devices. If you want to do this in an eco-friendly way, then you need to look for some clever solutions that will provide you the desired result. If you do not know what to do, then take your inspiration from the following eco-friendly solutions for cooling your home.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Cooling Your Home Picture

If you have a garden, then you should plant trees, flowers and plants

If you live in a house and you have a garden, then you should definitely plant as many plants, flowers and trees as you can. By doing so, you will actually create shade and you will not allow the sunlight to warm your home. Your house will remain cooler, which will certainly help you feel very comfortable inside it. You can also plant vines and shrubs. Therefore, you will not only own a wonderful garden, but you will also have a cool indoor air in your house.

Drapes and blinds should not miss

In order to make sure that the sunlight will not enter your home, you should definitely go for drapes and blinds, which need to be closed during the day, when it is actually extremely hot. The drapes should be made of light-colored fabrics in order to reduce heat gain, and so should be the curtains. Keep in mind, that the tighter the curtains are to the wall, the better it will actually reduce the heat gain.

Do not use the cooker, unless it is absolutely necessary

We all know that the cooker is a great source of heat, and if you want to have a cool home in the summer, then it is highly recommended to use it as rare as you can. However, if you still need to use it, at least you should use the hood while you cook. By doing so, you will reduce the heat produced by this kitchen appliance. Other heat sources should be reduced as well, in order to obtain wonderful results. For example, you should not use very often either the dishwasher or the dryer. This is a fantastic idea, as you will save some money as well.

With a tower fan, you can definitely cool your home

If none of the above methods won’t provide you the desired result, then you should opt for a tower fan. This is certainly one of the most eco-friendly solutions for cooling your home, which will help you fee ultra comfortable in your home. Tower fans create a very pleasant breeze which is not disturbing at all. Furthermore, if you want to save money and cool your home as well, then this unit is definitely the best choice you could make.