A pool needs a good maintenance so that the swimmers’ health isn’t affected. Chlorine is used by lots of pool owners in order to keep the water extremely clean, and therefore, very safe. Unfortunately, chlorine doesn’t have a very nice smell, and it can also cause skin and eye irritations, which is why it is recommended to go for other solutions that will provide you the same result. Therefore, here is how to keep your pool clean without chlorine.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean without Chlorine Picture

Use the best rated robotic pool cleaner

If you want to clean the water of your pool very well, then a robotic pool cleaner is required. You will find very easy and comfortable to use a machine like this, and the result will be absolutely wonderful. Robotic pool cleaners are very good at removing debris from the walls, floor, and steps as well. Moreover, they also remove dust and dirt from the water. Another advantage of using a robot cleaner is that the machine will actually do the whole job for you. Therefore, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your best friend while the unit cleans your pool. The best rated robotic pool cleaner will clean the floor of the pool, along with the walls and even the water line. Some automatic pool cleaners are even capable of climbing steps and of avoiding obstacles.

You should consider building your pool with green materials

Another great solution that will help you have a very clean pool without actually using chlorine is to build it with green materials. Natural materials like gravel and clay, are perfect for filtering and cleaning the water. A natural pool is a lot easier to create and maintain as well, not to talk about the fact that it will not be necessary to use chlorine anymore, which is absolutely fantastic.

Keep your pool covered when it is not being used

This is another easy thing you can do, in order to make sure that the water will remain cleaner for a longer period of time, without actually using chlorine. Furthermore, the water will also become a lot warmer which will certainly please the swimmers. Therefore, keep in mind this wonderful solution in case you decide to stop using chlorine.

It is a lot better to use salt than chlorine

In case you are wondering how to keep your pool clean without chlorine, then you must know that salt will provide you a wonderful result. The salt will definitely keep your pool naturally clean, and algae-free as well. Moreover, you will also spend less money on the maintenance, which is another wonderful advantage.